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Top 3 Ways to Transfer Apple Music to Google Play

By Noah Brown

Updated on March 2, 2021

As of 2020, there are more than 72 million people using Apple Music. And Apple Music has become increasingly important to more and more Apple users over the years since Apple released Apple Music on all of its devices. However, except for Apple Music, there are lots of music streaming services for music lovers to choose from. For example, Google Play has gradually become a major play in the streaming audio space with Google. Today, here we’ll talk about how to transfer Apple Music to Google Play if you want to play Apple Music on Google Play.

Part 1. How to Move Apple Music to Google Play with Soundiiz

Soundiiz is a playlist converter for several music streaming sites. It provides automated transfer of playlists, as well as a single interface as which to manage and synchronize between 43 available services such as Deezer, Apple Music, SoundCloud, YouTube, Qobuz, Spotify, Google Play, as well as others. Here are some steps to help you transfer your playlists and favorites from Apple Music to Google Play Music in one go.

Step 1. Navigate to the website of Soundiiz and open the Web app.

Step 2. Click on Platform on the left panel of the interface.

Step 3. Select Apple Music as the source service and choose to connect to your Apple Music account.

Step 4. Choose the categories of elements you want to transfer by checking the corresponding box on the left.

Step 5. Select Google Play Music as the destination service and connect your Google Play account to this platform.

Step 6. The transfer process runs in the background. You can see the batch progression in real-time in your Batches list.

Part 2. How to Transfer Apple Music to Google Play with Tunelf

All songs from Apple Music are protected in restricted formats, thus you cannot easily transfer Apple Music to other places for playback. In this case, you need to convert Apple Music to a more versatile and more widely-supported format such as MP3, then you can easily transfer and transmit your Apple Music files.

To break the limitation of format and complete the conversion of Apple Music, you need the help of Tunelf Audio Converter, a professional audio converter for Apple Music users. With it, you can convert Apple Music to MP3 and remove DRM protection encrypted on Apple Music. All the converted Apple Music files will be converted to several DRM-free audio formats like MP3. So, you can freely transfer Apple Music playlist to Google Play.

tunelf audio converter

Key Features of Tunelf Audio Converter

  • Convert Apple Music to MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, and other audio formats
  • Remove DRM from Apple Music, iTunes audios, and Audible audiobooks
  • Preserve the converted audio with lossless audio quality and ID3 tags
  • Support the conversion of audio format at a 30× faster speed in batch

Step 1 Select Apple Music songs you want

audio converter interface

First of all, you’ll need to install Tunelf Audio Converter on your computer. Then launch the software and it will load Apple Music automatically. Note that all songs from Apple Music can be converted by Tunelf Audio Converter but you need to download them from Apple Music to your computer first. Now select songs you want to transfer and add them to the conversion list by drag-and-drop.

Step 2 Set the output format and parameter

select output format

Next, go to select the audio format and set the output parameters by clicking the Format panel. In this window, you can select the MP3 option from the list of audio formats. From there, you can also set the bit rate, sample rate, codec, and channel for getting better audio quality. Once you’re satisfied with your settings, click the OK button, and then go back to the interface of Tunelf software.

Step 3 Start to convert Apple Music to MP3

add audio files to converter

Click the Convert button on the bottom right corner to initiate the conversion of Apple Music songs. When the conversion process finishes, your files will be saved to your default downloads folder. By clicking on the Converted icon, you’ll navigate to browse the converted Apple Music songs in the history list. Now you can prepare to transfer Apple Music playlist to Google Play with ease.

Step 4 Transfer Apple Music to Google Play

google play music

Now open Chrome on your computer and make sure that you’re signed in to Chrome using the same Google account you use with Google Play Music. Then go to the Google Play Music web player and select Menu > Upload music. You could drag and drop your converted Apple Music files or choose your converted Apple Music songs to upload with Select from your computer. Near the bottom of your screen, you can track your upload progress.

Part 3. How to Sync Apple Music to Google Play with FreeYourMusic

FreeYourMusic, formerly Stamp, is available on macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS devices, and Android devices. It aims to migrate from and to any music services. Once you install FreeYourMusic, it allows you to easily transfer your music library if you want to switch from one music streaming service to another. To transfer Apple Music playlist to Google Play, you just need to follow the below steps.

transfer spotify playlist to deezer with freeyourmusic

Step 1. First, launch FreeYourMusic on your phone and select your current Apple Music platform as a source to initiate the transfer.

Step 2. Then, just choose Google Play as a platform where you can create a new playlist for saving your playlists from Apple Music.

Step 3. Next, navigate to your library on Apple Music and find playlists you want to transfer from Apple Music service to Google Play, and select all the playlists you want to move.

Step 4. Finally, the transferring between Apple Music and Google Play starts. Your Apple Music playlists have been moved to Google Play and you can start enjoying them on Google Play.


In general, Tunelf Audio Converter could be a better choice in this case.  With it, you can not only transfer Apple Music to Google Play but also keep songs from Apple Music on your device forever. But if you’re only looking to move Apple Music to Google Play, FreeYourMusic and Soundiiz can also do a good job.

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