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Ultimate Way to Add Apple Music to Magisto

By Noah Brown

Updated on December 7, 2021

With the popularity of short videos, there are many video editing tools booming. Among these video editors, Magisto is in the leading position. It is launched in 2009 and has accumulated over 100 million users. Due to the large music library, users have more options for background music. You can make astonishing videos by Magisto easily. We often need to add music for the videos, but sometimes you may not be able to find suitable music in the library. However, more and more people are using Apple Music and creating many great playlists. Apple Music can offer users to stream over 50 million songs. You can find the latest and hottest songs on it. It’s fantastic to add Apple Music to videos. We will show you the best way to add Apple Music to Magisto effortlessly.

add apple music to magisto

Part 1. Apple Music to Magisto: What You Need 

To add Apple Music to video, the first step is to convert Apple Music to a compatible format of Magisto. The music from such streaming services as Apple Music, Spotify is in an encrypted format. It prevents you to use Apple Music on other apps. So, you need to crack the restriction by converting the Apple Music to common formats, like MP3. Now you will need a professional Apple Music converter like Tunelf Audio Converter.

Tunelf Audio Converter is an excellent tool for decrypting Apple Music, extracting lossless Apple Music, and converting the original quality songs to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, and other common audio formats. It can download Apple Music from all Apple Tiers. With Tunelf, you can download Apple tracks from any Apple Music plan from the student plan, individual to the family plan even without a subscription.

Tunelf is knit with lossless technology that ensures that the audio quality remains intact after conversion. It also adopts advanced technology to download all of your favorite Apple Music tracks at 30x faster speed. It can download an album (10-12 songs) in a matter of minutes.

Key Features of Tunelf Audio Converter

  • Remove DRM protection from Apple Music, iTunes audios, and Audible
  • Convert Apple Music to MP3, AAC, and more for playing on any media player
  • Personalize the output audio parameters like the output format and bit rate
  • Converse the converted audio with the lossless audio quality and ID3 tags

Part 2. How to Download Apple Music for Magisto

With the help of Tunelf Audio Converter, you can download Apple Music to common formats without much effort. You can convert the Apple Music to MP3 that is compatible with Magisto. follow the guide below and see how.

Tutorial: How to Download Apple Music to MP3 with Tunelf

Now you may wonder how can I download Apple Music to MP3 with Tunelf. Don’t worry, here’s a tutorial below to show you download Apple Music to MP3 step-by-step.

Step 1 Setup and Register the Converter

Click to the official website and select the Mac or Windows trial versions of Tunelf Audio Converter based on your system. Launch Tunelf once it has been installed. Then, go to the Menu bar> Register and type your licensed email address and code to activate the full version.

audio converter interface

Step 2 Launch Tunelf Audio Converter and Import Apple Music

When you launch the converter, the iTunes program is activated at the same time. The converter will make a connection to your iTunes library. To load the downloaded Apple Music files into your computer, click the Add Files option. To import Apple Music to Tunelf Audio Converter, click the Load in Library button. You may also easily drag and drop Apple Music to Tunelf.

add audio files to converter

Step 3 Modify the Output Format and Parameters

When you add Apple Music to the conversion list. By selecting the Edit icon, you may rename the song’s metadata such as title, collection, specialists, and so on. Then, under the Format panel, make multiple modifications to personalize the output quality. If you are confused with the parameters, simply leave them alone. Set MP3 as the output format to make it compatible with Magisto. In the window, you may change the settings such as codec, channel, and bit rate. Don’t forget to save the adjustments by hitting the OK button.

select output format

Step 4 Begin Removing the Protection from Apple Music

Finally, when you’ve imported the Apple Music tracks and saved all of your preferences, click the Convert button in the bottom right corner. Tunelf will convert your Apple Music to MP3 in a couple of minutes. When you download the audios, they will be stored in your computer’s default location. By clicking the Converted icon, you can see all of the converted Apple Music tracks.

convert Apple Music

Note: With the Tunelf Audio Converter, you can also download the Apple audiobooks and Audible audiobooks to MP3 or other formats based on your need.

Part 3. How to Add Apple Music to Magisto

After finishing the Apple Music conversion and download, you may begin adding Apple Music to the video. You may use Magisto’s online video editor to produce videos immediately. Alternatively, you may first transfer the downloaded music files to your smartphone or upload them to Google Drive. Let’s see how to put your own music on Magisto.

Apple Music to Magisto Online Editor

1) Navigate to the official website of Magisto and sign in using your Google account.

2) Click Start Creating, then Add Media to start a new project in which you may add photographs and videos.

3) Select Google Photographs, Stock, or Recent Uploads to add photos and videos, or click Upload to directly upload photo and video files to use in your videos.

4) After you’ve chosen your footage and video style, click Upload Your Music to choose your soundtrack.

5) Before contributing your own music, read and agree to the music submission guidelines.

6) Begin by picking the music you wish to utilize in your videos and then click Preview to continue.

Apple Music to Magisto Smartphone Editor

1) Launch Magisto on your Android or iOS device, then hit the Plus (+) symbol to start recording a video.

2) After you’ve added your film, text, and style, click Next and then upload your own music.

3) To pick your soundtrack, click the Upload Music icon in the lower right-hand corner.

4) Read and agree to our music submission guidelines before contributing songs.

5) Once you’ve chosen your music, hit Create on Android or Next on iOS to continue.


To add Apple Music to Magisto is not that hard. The conversion will be easy with the aid of Tunelf Audio Converter. After the conversion, you can add Apple Music to video in a few simple steps. If you want to download music from Apple Music using Tunelf, go to the official website of Tunelf and start the trial right now. Please leave your comments when you have any questions, we will reply to you at soon.

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