How to Play Apple Music on HUAWEI WATCH GT 2

By Noah Brown

Updated on November 2, 2020

HUAWEI WATCH GT series is the most preferred watch now. The slim, strong, and beautiful watch has all the features you will love to find in a smartwatch. It is so far the best Wear OS watch to wear. With plenty of features from an accelerometer, built-in GPS, and a heart rate monitor, what else do you need for monitoring your health? Besides, the smartwatch has a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, which is powerful enough to provide a platform to play music on HUAWEI WATCH GT 2.

Furthermore, HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 has a long-lasting battery. With the long battery life, you will play your music on the go. Conversely, like any other Android OS, HUAWEI WATCH GT only support to play Google Play Music. If you are a subscriber of Apple Music, you will find it hard to sign up for more than one music streaming service. Therefore, we bring you an alternative on how to play Apple Music on HUAWEI WATCH GT 2. Read on and find out the trick.

apple music on huawei watch gt2

Part 1. Ultimate Method to Play Apple Music on HUAWEI WATCH GT 2

While there is competition in the market between different music streaming services and how far they go to protect their songs. But to break the ice on how to play Apple Music on HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 you will need an audio converter such as Tunelf Audio Converter, a professional and powerful audio converter for Apple Music.

This robust tool can remove the DRM protection on audios from Apple Music and convert them to the supported format for playing on HUAWEI WATCH GT 2. Tunelf Audio Converter can convert an unlimited number of songs from Apple Music while maintaining the original audio quality during the process. Here are the key features of the tool that allows you to play Apple Music on HUAWEI WATCH GT 2:

audio converter box for windows

Key Features of Tunelf Apple Music Converter

  • Remove DRM protection from Apple Music and iTunes songs
  • Convert Apple Music to MP3, AAC, WAC, M4A, M4B, and FLAC
  • Preserve Apple Music with the lossless audio quality and ID3 tags
  • Customize and personalize your audio files according to your needs

Part 2. How to Play Apple Music on HUAWEI WATCH GT 2

From the above part, choose the version depending on the platform your device is running and click on the Free Download button to download and install Tunelf Audio Converter to your computer. After installation, run the tool on your computer. Follow these simple steps to convert songs from Apple Music for playing on HUAWEI WATCH GT 2.

Section 1: How to Convert Songs from Apple Music to MP3

Step 1 Add Apple Music songs to Tunelf app

add audio files to converter

Click the desktop icon to launch the Tunelf app, and from the pop-up window, you can drag and drop your songs download from iTunes or Apple Music to the application interface. Besides, you can also add your preferred songs by clicking on the Load iTunes Library icon at the top of the application interface.

Step 2 Adjust the output audio parameters

select output format

Once your tracks from Apple Music have been added, click on the Format tab, and a window launches with many output settings for you to set. Due to Tunelf Audio Converter with many audio formats to choose from, you could have MP3 as your main output format. Some of the audio settings available for you are bit rate, channel, code, and sample rate. When done with the settings, click the OK button to close the settings window.

Step 3 Start to convert Apple Music to MP3

convert apple music

On the final step in using Tunelf Audio Converter, click on the Convert button, and your conversion process begins. When the process is complete, click on the Converted icon, and you will see your converted Apple Music files ready for sync to HUAWEI WATCH GT 2. Then start to follow the below section to sync music to HUAWEI Watch.

Section 2: How to Import Apple Music to HUAWEI WATCH GT 2

Step 1. To begin, sign in to Chrome and open Google Play web player. Take note only to use the same Google account you are using in your HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 to be the same as you are using on your Chrome.

Step 2. Go to the menu sidebar and click the Upload music button. To upload your songs, you can drag and drop your converted songs, or when you click the Upload music button, a window will open to search for and select the music files to upload.

Step 3. Then from the watch face, open the apps list and tap Google Play to launch it on your HUAWEI WATCH GT 2.

Step 4. Sign in and key in the credentials of your Google account then follow the whole setup process to complete the setting of Google Play.

Step 5. Now you have launched the app proceeds to sync music to HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 and play Apple Music on HUAWEI WATCH GT 2.


Tunelf Audio Converter may not only be a handful in converting your songs to play Apple Music on HUAWEI WATCH GT 2. But you will have your converted Apple Music songs with you forever, and you can transfer them to several devices. What’s more, you will have the option to listen to your Apple Music songs even when offline.

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