4 Available Methods to Play Apple Music on Sonos

By Noah Brown

Updated on March 2, 2021

Apple Music is one of the best streaming services available with more than 60 million songs ad-free. It allows you to find your favorite artists, listen to new music, create personal playlists as well as get exclusive artist content and interviews. Nevertheless, for more listening experience and great sound quality, the playback of Apple Music on Sonos could be a good choice. On top of that, there are many ways to stream Apple Music on Sonos. To understand this better, we’ve compiled a list of the top 4 most popular methods to play Apple Music on Sonos even when you canceled the Apple Music subscription.

Method 1. Get Apple Music on Sonos via Sonos Controller

The Sonos Controller app allows you to stream music in every room of your home. After you add your ‌Apple Music‌ subscription through the Sonos Controller app, you can access the entire ‌Apple Music‌ catalog or your personal music library through your Sonos system once you put these simple steps into consideration.

Step 1. Download the Sonos Controller app to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android device.

Step 2. Launch the Sonos Controller app and tap Services & Voice from the Settings tab.

Step 3. Press the Add a Service tab under Music & Content and select Apple Music from the list then click Add to Sonos.

Step 4. Follow the on-screen instructions to sign in with your Apple Music account to start to select a song, album, or playlist you want to play through your Sonos system.

If you would like to add the Apple Music service on your computer, you can follow the below steps to browse the Apple Music service and add it to Sonos.

Step 1. Open the Sonos app and click on Add Music Services under the Select a Music Source section.

Step 2. Click on the Apple Music service and stick to the on-screen instructions to add your Apple Music account.

Method 2. Stream Apple Music to Sonos Using Alexa

In some countries or regions, you can ask Alexa to play Apple Music on your Alexa-enabled Sonos speaker. If you are yet to use this feature, then you can join using your iOS or Android device. Whichever device you’re using, ensure it is updated to the latest version. We can now take these easy steps to play Apple Music on Sonos via Alexa without trouble.

Step 1. Open the Amazon Alexa app, then tap the menu button in the upper-left corner.

Step 2. Tap Settings then tap Music in Alexa Preferences.

Step 3. Tap Link New Service to choose Apple Music then tap Enable To Use.

Step 4. Follow the instructions to sign in with your Apple Music account to ask Alexa to play your music.

Method 3. Play Apple Music on Sonos via AirPlay

If you have an Apple AirPlay 2-compatible Sonos speaker, AirPlay is one of the recommended methods for playing music stored on your iOS device to your Sonos system. You can use AirPlay to stream your music, podcasts, audio from your movies, and more. Follow the steps below to start sending Apple Music songs stored on your iOS device to Sonos using AirPlay.

Step 1. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, open the Control Center by swiping down from the top right of the screen.

Step 2. Find the audio card in the upper right-hand corner, then tap the AirPlay icon.

Step 3. Tap one or more Sonos products to stream the same audio across all of them using AirPlay.

Step 4. Select each speaker or TV that you want to play the current audio to. 

You can also stream your Mac’s audio to supported Sonos products. Make sure that you’re using the latest version of Apple Music on your Mac and that your devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi or ethernet network. Then follow these steps:

Step 1. Open Apple Music on your Mac and click Airplay to the right of the volume slider in Apple Music.

Step 2. Select a speaker that you want to play the current audio to and start to listen to Apple Music through your Sonos system.

Method 4. Add Apple Music to Sonos via Tunelf

Sometimes, this comes with some challenges to play Apple Music on Sonos because all songs from Apple Music are protected by Digital Rights Management. In this condition, however, the most relaxed way to get Apple Music on Sonos is using Tunelf Audio Converter. Thanks to Tunelf Audio Converter, you can convert all songs from Apple Music to DRM-free formats with one click. What’s more, you can continue to enjoy Apple Music on Sono even though you cancel subscribing to Apple Music. Let’s quickly look at the amazing features of Tunelf Audio Converter.

Key Features of Tunelf Audio Converter

  • Remove built-in DRM protection from Audible, Apple Music, and iTunes
  • Convert Apple Music for playing on other apps and devices without limit
  • Customize the parameters of Apple Music like the output audio format
  • Keep audios with ID3 tags and lossless audio quality at a 30× faster speed

Step 1 Select your Apple Music files

audio converter interface

Install Tunelf Audio Converter on your computer and then launch it immediately. Check on the three icons on the top bar of the Tunelf application and hit the second icon to add Apple Music to the conversion list. Or simply drag and drop songs downloaded from Apple Music to the Tunelf interface.

Step 2 Customize your output settings

select output format

This part is crucial as you are required to configure the output audio parameters. Click the Format panel to set the output audio format. You can choose MP3, but there are other audio formats such as M4A, WAV, AAC, M4B, and FLAC you can choose from. Apart from that, you also can adjust the bit rate, channel, sample rate, and codec the way you want.

Step 3 Remove DRM from Apple Music

add audio files to converter

Removing DRM protection from Apple Music is very simple once you’re done with the above steps. Go ahead and click the Convert button on the lower right corner to start the conversion process. Immediately the process is complete, go to click the Converted icon located on the top menu bar, and browse all the converted Apple Music songs.

Step 4 Start to play Apple Music on Sonos

Now you can directly enjoy Apple Music on Sonos. Just open the Sonos app on your computer and go to the Manage menu to select Music Library Settings. Then click + on Mac or Add on PC to add the converted Apple Music songs. Once added, you can freely play Apple Music tracks on your Sonos speaker without limit even if you cancel the subscription to Apple Music.

Wrap Up

You can enjoy your favorite jams on Apple Music via Sonos speakers at your home. But not as much as you would do with Tunelf Audio Converter, it is a professional audio converter that can convert Apple Music to MP3. Then you play Apple Music on Sonos even when you cancel your subscription.

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