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How to Use Apple Music Equalizer to Improve Music Quality

By Noah Brown

Updated on August 12, 2022

Why Apple Music can be so popular all over the world? The most important reason may be it can satisfy all kinds of users. Whether you are a casual user or a professional musician, you can find your Apple Music. If you are looking for a better Apple Music quality, you can’t miss the Apple Music Equalizer. You can use Apple Music Equalizer to adjust the parameters of Apple Music. Here we will show you how to use Apple Music Equalizer to improve the music quality.

how to use apple music equalizer

Part 1. How to Use Apple Music Equalizer on Multiple Devices

With the Apple Music Equalizer, you can select the music effects you prefer. Now you can apply the music effect you like on all Apple Music songs.

1.1 Use Apple Music Equalizer on iPhone

1) Open the Setting app and go to the Music option.

2) Scroll down the list and tap the EQ button.

3) Switch on the EQ and choose the music effect you like.

4) Open Apple Music to play the audios with new effects.

1.2 Use Apple Music Equalizer on Android Phone

1) Tap on the three-dot icon.

2) Tap on Settings.

3) Tap on EQ under Playback.

4) Turn on the equalizer with the slider on the top-right.

5) Drag the sliders or pick a preset to make your music sound crunchier.

1.3 Use Apple Music Equalizer on Mac

1) Launch the Music app on your desktop.

2) Then choose Window > Equalizer.

3) Choose a preset option or customize the parameters by dragging the sliders.

4) Turn on the equalizer by clicking the On option.

1.4 Use Apple Music Equalizer on PC

1) In the iTunes app on your PC, select the View option from the menu bar.

2) Choose Show Equalizer.

3) Choose a preset option or customize the parameters by dragging the sliders.

4) Turn on the equalizer by clicking the On option.

Part 2. Best Alternative Tools for Apple Music Equalizer

Though the Apple Music Equalizer is good enough, there’re many professional audio equalizers on the internet. Do you know how to use other equalizers on Apple Music? Let’s dive in. If you want to customize your audio effects, here’re some excellent free audio equalizers for iOS and Android devices.

Equalizer FX: Bass Booster App (iOS)

Equalization FX is an essential equalizer tool for iOS devices. The software has a 7-band EQ control as well as several additional functions. It allows you to rapidly choose between personalized presets from acoustic, pop, hip hop, rock, and other music genres. The software also has a one-of-a-kind function that allows you to access cloud music and play tunes when offline. You may also use appealing themes to change the appearance and feel of the interface to your liking. The highly customized features make your own audio effects more fun.

Music Volume EQ (Android)

Music Volume EQ may provide you with the ideal foundation for enhancing your music listening experience. The program has a bass booster effect, 3D visualizer effect, 5 band EQ control, custom presets, and many other useful functions. The software also lets you select your preferred theme, whether Classic or Material. You will get fun with this tool.

N7 Player Music Player (Android & iOS)

N7 Player is a power equalization software for Android and iOS that allows you to explore and stream your favorite music songs in a novel way. The software gives you a convenient method for adjusting the equalization settings for any music you like. It has a 10-band equalization as well as bespoke built-in presets. Aside from that, N7 Player has an extensive set of tools that allow you to filter your music library and choose themes to customize your music area. If you want a versatile equalizer, you can’t miss it.

Part 3. How to Play Apple Music with Equalizer Freely

If you want to use the equalizers above for your Apple Music playlist, you may need the help of a third-party app. Due to the Apple Music files being in an encoded format, you can’t apply those EQ settings to Apple Music. So if you want to apply the EQ setting from the apps above, you need to convert Apple Music to a common file, such as MP3. Then all the EQ settings you like can be used on Apple Music. Here you meet a powerful third-party program – Tunelf Audio Converter.

If you are looking for a safe and useful Apple Music converter, Tunelf Audio Converter should be on the list. It is a 100% clean and stable audio converter for Apple Music, iTunes audios, and Audible audiobooks. And it offers six output formats for users to choose from MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4A, and M4B. You can select the format available as your need. Moreover, with the leading technology, the conversion speed of Tunelf can achieve 30× faster.

tunelf audio converter

Key Features of Tunelf Audio Converter

  • Convert Apple Music to MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, and other audio formats
  • Remove DRM from Apple Music, iTunes audios, and Audible audiobooks
  • Preserve the converted audio with lossless audio quality and ID3 tags
  • Support the conversion of audio format at a 30× faster speed in batch

Tutorial: How to Use Tunelf Audio Converter to Convert Apple Music to MP3

Tunelf can convert Apple Music to the format you need within simple steps. Do you want to know how to use Tunelf? Before starting, please download Tunelf Audio Converter from the official website.

Step 1 Choose Apple Music Songs You Want to Mix

add audio files to converter

When you double-click Tunelf Audio Converter on your desktop, the iTunes program will be started at the same time. Click the Add Files option in the middle to add local Apple Music files from your computer. To access your Apple Music library, click the Load in Library option. You may also just drag and drop the downloaded Apple Music files into Tunelf’s interface.

Step 2 Change the Audio Parameters for Apple Music

select output format

By clicking the Edit icon, you may rename the song’s data, such as title, collection, specialists, and so on. Then, under the Format box, adjust the output quality as appropriate. You may alter characteristics like codec, channel, and data rate. Here, we recommend that you select MP3 as the output format. Finally, on the right, click OK to preserve your changes.

Step 3 Disable Apple Music Encryption for Playing Anywhere

convert Apple Music

Finally, when you’ve imported the Apple Music tracks and saved all of your choices, go to the right side of the screen and select the Convert option. Tunelf will start converting the music to MP3 or any other format you choose in the bulk settings. The audios will be stored to the default place on your Mac device, and you can access the converted Apple Music tracks by pressing the Converted icon on the right.


A good equalizer can help you to create your own audio effects easily. Apple Music Equalizer is a good choice. We have shown you how to use Apple Music Equalizer on multiple devices. Follow the guides above and create your audio effects now. If you want to apply other equalizers to Apple Music, you will need the help of Tunelf Audio Converter. Don’t be hesitated to click the button below.

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