How to Use Apple Music in Mixvibes for Mixing

By Noah Brown

Updated on December 29, 2020

You have been using music software and apps since 1999 from Mixvibes to recreate and djing. It is a digital DJing pioneer to develop apps from where you can mix tracks in perfect sync on Mixvibes’ powerful audio engine. Thinking of music to mix with Mixvibes, naturally, you would think of Apple Music as it has great features to personalize the playlists and soundtracks. But you can’t use Apple Music in Mixvibes directly. 

Apple Music has protected audio files, which is why they will not work on other apps. However, the only solution is to remove the protection from the Apple Music soundtracks. We will introduce Tunelf Audio Converter to you that can convert Apple Music or iTunes songs to MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, M4A, or M4B. In this article, we will list out the steps to convert Apple Music to a playable format so you can use it in Mixvibes.

Part 1. Tool for Apple Music in Mixvibes Cross DJ

As we have mentioned that Apple Music is not available to use directly because they are protected; that is why you can count on Tunelf Audio Converter to convert Apple Music songs for playing on any program. It allows you to convert audios including Apple Music songs to any format in a single click then play those special audios on any program and simply get the songs of your own choice without any limit of usage. 

With Tunelf Audio Converter, you are allowed to convert Apple Music, Audible books, or iTunes songs and audiobooks to several popular audio formats without DRM protection. Its super fast speed of 30× makes it the best Apple Music converter for handling the conversion of Apple Music songs. Tunelf Audio Converter easily removes the protection and makes it ready to use Apple Music to Mixvibes. 

Tunelf Audio Converter lets you personalize the ID3 tags. It is a reliable audio converter that provides you an opportunity to set the output parameters such as sample rate, bitrate, channel, volume, pitch, or codec. However, if you like some specific parts of any music file, then you can merge or split it using its smart built-in splitter. Now we will list out its detailed steps in order to convert Apple Music songs for using Apple Music in Mixvibes. 

audio converter box for windows

Main Features of Tunelf Apple Music Converter

  • Convert audios from Apple Music to more widely-supported formats
  • Remove the DRM protection from Apple Music, iTunes, and Audible
  • Convert common audio files to several popular audio formats like MP3
  • Support to play Apple Music, iTunes songs, and Audible on any device

Step 1 Add Apple Music to Conversion List

add audio files to converter

To use Apple Music, you need to download Tunelf Audio Converter and install it to your computer. After this process, launch Tunelf Audio Converter, and the Apple Music app will be launched simultaneously. Now add songs from Apple Music to the converter. Simply click on the ‘+’ icon to import the music files that you want to convert. You can also drag and drop the target music tracks to the interface directly.

Step 2 Go to Configure Audio Parameters

select output format

Once you have added your target songs on the converter, you can edit them by clicking on the Edit icon and personalize the information like title, album, artist, genre, and more. It allows you to choose the output formats from MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4A, or M4B by clicking on the Format option. You can also customize the other output audio parameters like bitrate, sample rate, channel, or codec.

Step 3 Start to Convert Apple Music to MP3

convert apple music

After all the settings, you can start the conversion process. Click the Convert button so that Tunelf Audio Converter will begin to convert the targeted audio into your selected output format. When the process completes, locate your converted music tracks by clicking the Converted button. You can browse the converted audios in the history list. Then transfer these converted music files to Mixvibes for mixing your new tunes.

Part 2. How to Load Apple Music on Mixvibes for Mixing

Now you have converted Apple Music on your device. Follow the steps in this part to import Apple Music into Mixvibes Cross DJ. We will explain two ways to bring Apple Music in Mixvibes Cross DJ, and let’s get started now.

Import Apple Music to Mixvibes from Folders

Step 1. Click the File and then choose the Import Directory option in Mixvibes Cross DJ.

Step 2: Now choose the Converted folder and click on OK.

Step 3: All the music audio files are loaded to Mixvibes Cross DJ. All those files will display in the Collection view of the browser after the completion of the process.

Import Apple Music to Mixvibes from iTunes

Step 1. Go to the iTunes icon in the browser.

Step 2. From the opened iTunes library, choose the song which you would like to add for mixing.

Step 3. You can directly drag and drop what you picked to the Collection icon. Also, you can right-click on Windows or CTRL-click on Mac to add the music file. Then from the menu, select the Add to Collection option. 


We have concluded the article on the solution on how to use Apple Music on Mixvibes. First, convert songs from Apple Music to Mixvibes supported format using Tunelf Audio Converter with lossless quality and then import them to Mixvibes for mixing. 

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