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Easy Methods to Transfer Playlist from Spotify to Deezer

By Liam Garcia

Updated on December 21, 2023

The streaming industry is flooded with music apps that offer pretty much similar features. Spotify and Deezer are two popular streaming platforms that attract a lot of music lovers. Both have libraries of more than 100 million songs, so you can find music from all over the world, no matter world-famous musicians or smaller bands and DJs.

However, there are differences between Spotify and Deezer. Some music lovers prefer Deezer’s music discovery feature to those of Spotify. They also like Deezer’s clear and simple design instead of Spotify’s dark and complex interface. As a result, some Spotify users have turned to Deezer. In this case, how to transfer playlists crafted on Spotify to Deezer? Here we will share several ways to import Spotify playlist to Deezer.

import spotify playlist to deezer

Part 1. Best Way to Convert Spotify Playlist to Deezer on Computers

1.1 Tool Required: Best Spotify Playlist to Deezer Converter

Spotify is known as a streaming music service that allows users to access music for free. However, there is a restriction that all songs from Spotify are protected by digital rights management. All Spotify users, including Premium subscribers, can only listen to music within its app or web player. This means you cannot listen to Spotify music on other platforms like Deezer. Thus, the best method to transfer Spotify playlist to Deezer is to use a professional Spotify playlist to Deezer converter. Here Tunelf Spotify Music Converter is highly recommended for you.

One of the most popular Spotify music downloaders on the internet, Tunelf Spotify Music Converter can help you remove DRM protection from Spotify and download Spotify music as local files. With this tool, you can convert Spotify music to six widely used audio formats like MP3. Currently, Deezer makes it possible to add your own MP3s for playback. After conversion, you are free to import your Spotify playlist to Deezer without hassle.

Key Features of Tunelf Spotify Music Converter

  • Download Spotify playlists, songs, and albums with free accounts easily
  • Convert Spotify music to MP3, WAV, FLAC, and other audio formats
  • Keep Spotify music tracks with lossless audio quality and ID3 tags
  • Remove ads and DRM protection from Spotify music at a 5× faster speed

1.2 How to Download Spotify Playlist to MP3 Music Files

In this section, we show you how to strip DRM from Spotify and save Spotify music to MP3 by using Tunelf Spotify Music Converter. Go to download this tool on your computer first and then start downloading Spotify playlist to MP3.

Step 1 Add Spotify Playlist to Tunelf Interface

add spotify music to converter

Run Tunelf Spotify Music Converter on your computer and it will automatically load the Spotify app. Then navigate to Spotify and select any playlist in your library you want to import to Deezer. After the selection, just drag and drop the playlist to the Tunelf interface. Or you can copy the playlist link and paste it into the search bar on the converter, then click the + button to load.

Step 2 Customize the Output Audio Parameter

select output format

After your chosen playlist is added to the conversion list, you can click the menu bar and choose the Preference option. In the Convert section, you can adjust the output audio parameter for Spotify music, including the output format, sample rate, bit rate, and channel. Here you can set MP3 as the output format as Deezer only supports MP3 files.

Step 3 Start to Convert Spotify Playlist to MP3

convert spotify music

Once all the setting is done, just click the Convert button. Tunelf software will start downloading and converting Spotify music to the folder you’ve specified. When the conversion is finished, you can browse the converted playlist in the history list by clicking the Converted icon. For browsing the detailed music files, click the Search icon to proceed further.

1.3 How to Import Spotify Playlist to Deezer for Playing

When all your selected Spotify songs are converted to MP3 music files, you can upload them to Deezer. It’s easy to upload Spotify MP3 files to Deezer on your computer with several steps. Go ahead and start uploading Spotify MP3 files to your Deezer account.

Step 1. In the Deezer app, click the Favorite Tracks button in the left column.

Step 2. Go to the My MP3s tab and click the Select MP3s to Upload button.

add music to deezer

Step 3. Locate the folder where you store your converted Spotify music files.

Step 4. Select the converted music files and click the Open button to add them.

Part 2. How to Import Spotify Playlist to Deezer Online

In addition to using a Spotify to Deezer playlist converter, you can consider using online tools. There are a handful of online tools that can help you transfer your favorite Spotify playlists to Deezer. Here we will explore the step-by-step guides for several online tools to move your playlists from Spotify to Deezer seamlessly.

Method 1. Copy Spotify Playlist to Deezer via Soundiiz

Soundiiz is a web platform that aims to help you transfer music data between different streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and more. With its help, you can transfer your albums, playlists, or other music data from Spotify to Deezer with a Premium subscription. Here is how to transfer playlist from Spotify to Deezer.

Step 1. Open the web of Soundiiz and log into Soundiiz with your Google account or other social media accounts.

Step 2. Click the Connect Services button on the left panel, then select Spotify to connect your Spotify account.

Step 3. Then a window will pop up that asks you to confirm the connection of Spotify to the platform and click the Agree button.

Step 4. Select Spotify playlists that you want to move to Deezer by checking the corresponding box on the left of each playlist, and then click the Convert icon on the top toolbar.


Step 5. Select Deezer as the destination and sign in to Deezer with your account and password.

Step 6. The transfer from Spotify playlist to Deezer starts. Once finished, you can find your playlists from Spotify on Deezer.

😀 Pros

No need to install any app and extension.
Quickly complete the transferring from Spotify to Deezer.
Keep your playlists synced between different services.
Automatically delete duplicate tracks in your playlists.

☹️ Cons

Trail version allows to transfer only 200 tracks per playlist.
Cannot transfer all music data at one time.
Need to upgrade to Premium for unlimited transferring.

Method 2. Export Spotify Playlist to Deezer via TuneMyMusic

TuneMyMusic is a versatile tool that supports transferring your music library from any music service to any other you want. Without installing any additional app or extension, you can copy your playlist and music library between music services like Spotify and Deezer. If you are looking for an online way to transfer your playlist from Spotify to Deezer, TuneMyMusic is the solution.

Step 1. Head to TuneMyMusic and click the Let’s Start button button.

Step 2. Select Spotify as the source, then select Load from Spotify account or choose to paste the link of the playlist you want to transfer.

Step 3. After your Spotify music library loads, select the playlists you want and click the Choose Destination button.

Step 4. Select Deezer as the destination, then connect your Deezer account and click the Start Transfer button.

😀 Pros

Work for transferring music between many services.
No need to install any additional app and extension.
Support up to 20 automatic synchronization.
Transfer unlimited number of songs, albums, and playlists.

☹️ Cons

Trial version allows to convert 500 tracks.
Need to upgrade to Premium for unlimited features.
Fail to music library and some playlists between services.

Method 3. Move Spotify Playlist to Deezer via MusConv

MusConv is another music migration service that is developed to transfer your music data from one platform to another platform. With MusConv, you can move playlists, albums, followed artists, and liked songs across various services such as Spotify, Deezer, and more. Here’s the tutorial on how to transfer playlist from Spotify to Deezer.

Step 1. Navigate to MusConv and select Spotify in the left column to connect your Spotify account.

Step 2. Continue to select Deezer and connect your Deezer account to MusConv.

Step 3. Find your Spotify playlists to transfer and select them by ticking the box.

Step 4. Click the Transfer button and select Deezer as the destination service.

Step 5. Proceed to click the Transfer button and start transferring Spotify playlists.

😀 Pros

Available for Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, Windows, and web.
Support the transferring between more than 125 music services.
Transfer unlimited number of songs, albums, and playlists.
Rematch incorrect and failed song matches.

☹️ Cons

Trial version allows to copy only 25 songs.
All Premium plans are a bit expensive.
Not all music and playlists can be transferred.

Part 3. How to Transfer Spotify Playlist to Deezer on Mobile Phones

If you want to directly import Spotify playlist to Deezer on your iPhone or Android phone, you could also use this solution – FreeMyMusic. It is a multiplatform tool that is compatible with macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. As a result, it can transfer music between Spotify and Deezer on your mobile phone. Here’s how to use FreeYourMusic to copy Spotify playlist to Deezer.

Step 1. Open FreeYourMusic on your device and select Spotify as a source.

Step 2. Enter your Spotify account details to log in and tap Agree to confirm.

Step 3. Select Deezer as a platform and enter your Deezer account and password to connect.

Step 4. Navigate to browse your music library and find playlists you want to transfer from Spotify to Deezer.

Step 5. Select all the playlists you want to move and tap Begin Transfer to start transferring.

😀 Pros

Compatible with all major platforms like Android and iOS.
Automatically sync all playlists and albums every 15 minutes.
Keep your music library safe and sound in the cloud.
Fix any incorrect or failed matches in the process of transferring.

☹️ Cons

Fail to connect some streaming music services.
Need to have a Premium subscription to transfer.
All Premium plans are a bit expensive to afford.


With the above solutions, you can transfer playlist from Spotify to Deezer with ease. But only Tunelf Spotify Music Converter can truly let you import Spotify playlist to Deezer. It can help you download Spotify playlists to your computer, and then you can upload them to Deezer. However, the other solutions only transfer your music data. There are some differences between Spotify and Deezer. If you want to listen to your Spotify playlist on Deezer after transferring, you have to upgrade to Deezer Premium, as Deezer Free only allows you to play 30-second snippets of each track. Why not have a try of Tunelf Spotify Music Converter? Get Spotify music to play anywhere.

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