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How to Add Audible to Plex for Playing

By Noah Brown

Updated on December 7, 2022

There are thousands of media servers on the internet through which you can access multiple types of media. Plex media server is one of the most famous media servers out there. Plex media server is a complete entertainment system that allows you to stream content like movies, songs, photos, and web shows. You can access all the content available on the Plex media server for free. It has one downside, which is that it does not have audiobooks available for its users to listen to. Now you would wonder if there is any method you can use to add Audible to Plex.

In this article, we are going to teach you how to add Audible to Plex. And we’ll also introduce an app that you can use to download audiobooks from Audible.

audible to plex

Part 1. Plex Audible: Everything You Need to Know

To add Audible to Plex Media Player, here’re something you may need to read about.

Multiple Reasons to Play Audible on Plex

Before adding Audible to Plex Media Server, you probably wonder why and does it make sense. Of course! There’re several reasons why we want to stream Audible audiobooks on Plex Media Player.

#1 Compatibility. The audible original player is good, but it stops us from playing the audiobooks on any other streamers or media players, due to its special audio format. While Plex Media Player also famous as PMP uses hardware acceleration for a consistent user interface across all devices. It is capable of playing local media files and streaming imported digital media. And I can manage my audiobooks in just one place, without using multiple audiobook apps.

#2 Happy share. Another important point that needs to mention is that audiobooks are not possible to share with family or friends. Adding Audible to Plex makes it easy to share your favorite audiobooks with others, which is quite a convenience.

And perhaps you have more reasons, nevertheless, it’s likely that we intend to enable Audible songs to play on Plex or other media players. But can we add the audiobooks to Plex Media Player directly? That’s what I’m going to share next.

Why Can’t We Add Audiobooks to Plex?

When it comes to streaming Audible books on Plex, as I said above, we cannot add them to Plex because of the format restrictions. The Audible books are encrypted with DRM copyright technology and encoded in AA/AAX format. That is to say, you can only play Audible books on selected devices, not including Plex, unfortunately. And the Plex cannot recognize or support formats like AA/AAX. But no worries! All you need is just an Audible Audiobook Converter. Check the below details.

Part 2. Best Audiobook Converter You’ll Need

There is no direct way to add audiobooks on Plex. As we know, the Plex media server is not only a streaming service, but it is also a media server you can use to save your media on, so we will use this method to add Audible to Plex. To upload Audible audiobooks on the Plex media server, we first have to download audiobooks from Audible and to do that, and we are going to introduce an app that you can use to easily download audiobooks from Audible.

The app that we are going to introduce is called Tunelf Audio Converter. Tunelf Audio Converter is an app that is the solution to our problem. Tunelf Audio Converter allows you to convert songs and audiobooks into your desired format that you can later listen to on your audio devices. The smart tool can easily break all the encryptions on the audio files and let you convert them into a universal format. Besides, it has a wide category of multiple audio formats such as WAV, MP3, AAC, and FLAC, and the interface is simple and friendly to users.

tunelf audio converter

Key Features of Tunelf Audio Converter

  • Convert Apple Music to MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, and other audio formats
  • Remove DRM from Apple Music, iTunes audios, and Audible audiobooks
  • Preserve the converted audio with lossless audio quality and ID3 tags
  • Support the conversion of audio format at a 30× faster speed in batch

In all, it’s a very reliable app that comes equipped with the latest technology. The conversion speed is 100 times faster than any other audio converter available on the internet. Now that you have everything you need to know about Tunelf Audio Converter, we are first going to give you a detailed guide on how to add audiobooks to Plex via Tunelf.

Part 3. How to Add Audible Books to Plex via Tunelf

Before we can begin the downloading process, we just have to make sure that Tunelf Audio Converter is installed on your computer. And to execute that task, you first have to go to Tunelf Audio Converter’s website on any of your desired search engines. Once you reach their website, click on the ‘Download’ button, and it will start downloading. Once downloaded, double click on the file and follow the on-screen guide to install the Tunelf Audio Converter. As Tunelf Audio Converter is a multi-platform app, you can install Tunelf Audio Converter on both Mac and Windows.

Step 1 Register the Tunelf Audio Converter

After launching the program on your computer, the next step is to register the Tunelf Audio Converter. Launch the app after downloading it. Now click on the menu icon and then click on the ‘Register’ button. Now it will ask for your email and the registration code, enter both of them, and finish the registration process.

register tunelf audio converter

Step 2 Import audiobook to the converter

To import, launch the app, then go to Audible’s website and find your desired audiobook. Now drag and drop audible files into the window of Tunelf Audio Converter.

add audio files to converter

Step 3 Modify the settings and other parameters

Now go to the settings panel and choose your desired format from the ‘Format’ settings. After selecting your desired output settings, click on the ‘OK’ button to confirm. You can also change other parameters along the way.

select output format

Step 4 Convert and download the audiobooks

Now the last step is to click on the ‘Convert’ button, and it will start downloading. All the converted songs will be exported to the default folder once it is downloaded.

convert Apple Music

Step 5 Upload Audible on Plex media server

Now the last step is to upload the audiobooks to the Plex media server. Just install the Plex media server on your computer and perform the drag-and-drop action, and the audiobooks will be imported automatically. Now follow the on-screen guide to store the Audible audiobooks on the Plex media server.

import media to plex


In this article, we’ve learned how to play Audible on Plex, how to import Audible books on Plex, and how to download Tunelf Audio Converter. Tunelf Audio Converter is an amazing tool that allows you to convert audio files into your desired format that you can later listen to on any audio device.

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