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How to See Loved Songs on Apple Music

By Noah Brown

Updated on September 26, 2022

It’s a tide to listen to popular songs online through some online music streaming platforms. Apple Music is deemed to be the leading one for iOS users. And on the grounds of developing and increasing various requirements for music streaming, listening to music only will not be enough for us. Then the creation of new features and functions on these streaming services is hastened. Now we’re able to utilize these features to match our multiple needs. A lot of people have puzzling trouble now. They ask like can I see my loved songs on Apple Music? If yes, how to achieve that?

I was trapped with this issue before, and then I made a detailed study of Apple Music loved songs and find out the solutions. Since many people still have no idea about it, I set out to write this article for you. In the following parts, you’ll get to know the possibility to see Apple Music loved songs and the feasible methods.

Part 1. Can You See Your Loved Songs on Apple Music?

You can easily mark an Apple Music song as loved by tapping the Heart icon beside the song name. However, the disappointing truth is that you cannot check all your loved songs on Apple Music directly. Unlike Spotify, people can access their loved songs from a specified playlist in Music Library. Apple Music doesn’t have a mechanism like that. On Apple Music, when you mark a song as loved, it will only give references to the Apple Music of your music taste and provides you with better music recommendations next time. It’s remarkable but does no good to see all your loved songs. Therefore, it’ll be difficult to look for your love songs on Apple Music. Is it impossible to find songs you liked? Here’re still some alternative workarounds you can try on, please keep reading.

Part 2. How to Find Loved Songs on Apple Music with Mac or Macbook

If you have a habit of adding your favorite songs to the music library after marking them as love, it’s easy to find them with this method. This will require you to have an Apple macOS device (a Mac or Macbook) with an Apple Music application already installed on it. Unlike the iOS application, the macOS application allows you to browse and play the songs you’ve marked as loved.

Note: This method only works when you’ve added your Loved Songs to your music library every time in the first place.

1. Launch the Apple Music app on your Mac computer.

2. Navigate to the Songs tab under Library from the left sidebar.

3. Look for the Love column which is shown as a heart icon from the header row on columns.

4. Go to the column’s header, right-click on it, and choose Love from the list if you don’t see a Love column.

5. Now all your loved songs you’ve added to your music library will be shown when you click on the Love column header at the top.

Part 3. Where to Find Loved Songs on Apple Music on iPhone/iPad

In addition to the above methods, here’re some other workable methods to help you find Apple Music love songs on iPhone or iPad. If you don’t get all your loved songs, then you may take a look at the following methods to better help you solve your problems.

Method 1 Find Apple Music Loved Songs via iTunes Smart Playlist

It’ll be an easy task to check your playing history or find loved songs if you create a Smart Playlist in iTunes on your PC. A Smart Playlist will keep track of your loved songs. And when you add your loved song to your library, it will be automatically added to the Smart Playlist.

1. Launch the iTunes app on your computers and click File from the menu bar.

2. Next, click New and select Smart Playlist to create one.

3. Make sure to select match so that it will collect as you want; then select Music from the drop-down menu and set the following rule as the loved section.

4. Once set the rules and options, tap OK to save the settings.

If songs that you have marked loved do not appear in the Smart Playlist, go check if you have added them to your Apple Music library. Since this option only functions when you’ve added your Loved Songs to your music library every time in the first place too.

Method 2 Get Apple Music Loved Songs by Requesting Loved Songs from Apple Support

If you find the creating process bothers you or is just problematic, this option might be a good choice to help you out. You can simply ask for help from Apple Music Support Team. Just send your request about getting all of your loved songs and then you’ll receive the data which stores your media content of Apple Music on your iPhone or iPad. In this way, you can easily access your loved songs with a computer.

1. Go to privacy.apple.com and sign in your Apple ID.

2. Select Data and Privacy> Request a copy of your data> Get a copy of your data.

3. Select Apple Media services information> Continue> Set the file size of your download> Select Complete request.

4. You’ll receive an email from Apple, now you need a computer to open it.

5. Download the data report Apple Music sent to you.

6. Open the ZIP file entitled “apple-media-services. zips”> Select Apple Music Likes and Dislikes.csv.

Once you’ve opened this file using any spreadsheet program, you will get a comprehensive list of songs you’ve ever loved or disliked all time.

Extra Tip: How to Download and Keep Your Apple Music Loved Songs Forever

Now you’ve learned how to find loved songs on Apple Music, here’s a method that enables you to download your favorite Apple Music songs locally and stream them whenever you want. Though you can download music with a premium account, you cannot keep them forever. Once your subscription account expires, it will not be accessible at once. Tunelf Apple Music Converter is designed to download and convert Apple Music to main audio formats which are compatible with other devices. With Tunelf, you can download Apple Music and keep them as local files forever. Why not download and have a try?

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In Conclusion

Since Apple Music does not offer a feature for you to check loved songs on Apple Music, you can get access to them only if you’ve added all the tracks you like to the music library in the first place. While you can take some methods above as extra tips for you to keep track of your loved songs and better manage your music library. Besides, Tunelf Apple Music Converter offers solid support if you’d like to download those songs and keep them offline forever. Don’t forget to share or comment if you like this passage.

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