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Do Audible Credits Expire? Find the Answer Here!

By Noah Brown

Updated on September 27, 2023


It’s outrageous that Audible credits can expire. I have constant anxiety about losing them because I don’t know what to use my credits on.”

— From Reddit

Audible is one of the best platforms to experience various audiobooks. It allows users to purchase and stream their favorite audiobooks and other forms of spoken word content. In addition to direct purchases, the Audible offers a type of credit that can be used to purchase audiobooks. However, there are many users who don’t know whether Audible credits expire and how to use their credits. Don’t worry about it, and you will learn more information about Audible credits in this post. Just read on if you have any problem with Audible credit expiration.

Part 1. Information about Audible Credits You Need to Know

You can learn how to get new Audible credits in this part. There is also some information about Audible credit expiration. If you have already earned some points, then the following questions will definitely be something that you will want to focus on. Because many people still don’t realize that when they cancel their membership, they will lose the use of those unused credits. Therefore, please learn more information about Audible credits and make use of them properly.

1. How to Get New Audible Credits?

The general way to get Audible credits is by subscribing to an Audible membership, and you’ll get different amounts of points depending on the subscription plan, which can be found in the table below. By the way, the maximum number of credits that you can hold onto is determined by the plan you subscribed currently. The unused credits that exceed the limit will be lost later. Of course, there are other ways for you to get free Audible credits.

PlanCostNumber of CreditsMaximum amount that can be held
Audible Premium Plus Membership$14.95 per month1 per month6 per month
Audible Premium Plus Membership 2 Credits$22.95 per month2 per month12 per month
Audible Premium Plus Annual Membership 12 Credits$149.50 per year12 per year18 per year
Audible Premium Plus Annual Membership 24 Credits$229.50 per yearper year36 per year

2. Do Audible Credits Expire?

The answer is Yes. There are diverse credits like membership credits, extra credits, return credits, gift credits, and special credits that will expire. However, credits received from an Audible iOS app membership or an Audible Google Play membership do not expire even if you cancel the subscription. Besides, extra credits received in the iOS and Google Play apps do not expire either.

3. When Do Audible Credits Expire?

Audible credits last a year from the date you received them. Audible credits are an exclusive part of the Audible user experience and cannot be transferred or changed into cash so you can’t get your money back for expired credits. Therefore, you should better redeem your unused Audible credits for new audiobooks to keep forever within the validity period.

4. Do Audible Credits Expire If You Cancel?

Sure. All the credits you have owned will be lost if you cancel the subscription. But don’t worry about that the content you have redeemed will be kept forever. Or you just want to switch to Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus, then the credits you get will also be retained on your account.

5. How to See When Audible Credits Expire?

You can see when credits were issued and their expiration date on the Credit Summary page.

Or you can take the following steps on your mobile phone.

1) Head to your Audible, then tap Profile to find your Membership.

2) Locate your credit summary page.

3) You can see how many credits are currently and the expiration date of them.

After you have checked the valid period of your credit, you can decide to redeem them right now or in the future.

Part 2. How to Make Use of Audible Credits

If you want to make use of the credits now to avoid them expiring, the best option for you is to redeem them for new books or gift them to a friend. Therefore, read this part to learn how to purchase Audible audiobooks by credit and how to gift books to the lucky recipient.

1. How to Purchase Audible Books

Purchasing a new Audible audiobook for yourself will be easy and convenient. Just follow the steps below. But here’s what you need to be aware of take the following steps on the Audible website rather than the Audible app for iOS.

On website:

1) Go to the Audible.com.

2) Browse the site and click on your desired book.

3) Click the first choice of Buy with 1 credit.

Then you will receive an email confirmation of your purchase, which means you purchased an audiobook successfully and you can play it now.

On Android:

1) Launch Audible on your device.

2) Tap Discover to search and browse for the audiobook you want to purchase.

3) Then tap on the title.

4) Tap Buy with 1 Credit.

2. How to gift Audible Books

If you want to share your Audible audiobook with the people around you, you can gift them an Audible book to spend unused credits. By the way, you can gift your Audible credits by using your credits to buy a specific title like an audiobook. Now, you should purchase a specific title first.

1) Visit audible.com, or you can launch your Audible app to sign into your account.

2) Explore the title you want to gift and tap More options.

3) Select Give as a Gift.

4) Then enter the Audible gift details including delivery method, recipient’s name, email, and more.

5) Then click Continue and you will come to the purchase page.

6) Choose to buy with 1 credit.

Then you will also receive an email to confirm your purchase. With this operation, you both consume credits and share the audiobook with others.  

Part 3. Bonus Tips: Download Audible Books to MP3

The purchased audiobooks with credits can be kept in your account forever, but you can’t play them without the Audible app due to the DRM protection. However, this part will show you a bonus tip that can convert and download your purchased audiobooks to MP3. Owing to the converted files, you can transfer them to other support devices like iPod, Galaxy Watch, Sony Walkman, and more. You can also share them with your family members or friends.

Tunelf Audio Converter is the bonus tip that can help you convert Audible audiobooks, Apple Music, and iTunes audio to six popular file formats even at the high speed of 30× conversion. Moreover, the original audio quality and ID3 tags are both retained. All you need to do is take the following steps to have a try.

tunelf audio converter

Key Features of Tunelf Audio Converter

  • Convert Apple Music to MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, and other audio formats
  • Remove DRM from Apple Music, iTunes audios, and Audible audiobooks
  • Preserve the converted audio with lossless audio quality and ID3 tags
  • Support the conversion of audio format at a 30× faster speed in batch

Step 1 Add Your Audiobook Files to Tunelf

Firstly, open Tunelf Audio Converter on your device, then locate the Add Files icon on the top middle of the interface. Tap the icon to add your desired audiobooks from Audible. Or you can click the Load iTunes Library button to add audiobooks if you have uploaded Audible audiobooks to iTunes. You can also add files to the converter in the easiest way possible which is to just drag and drop them.

audio converter interface

Step 2 Select the Output Format and Parameters

Once the Audible books are added to the converter, you can click the Format button given in the left corner. Now you come to the Format setting page, and there are six popular formats and parameters for you to choose from. Set them according to your demand, then click the OK button.

select output format

Step 3 Download Audible Books on Your Device

After the settings are finished, click the Convert button to download Audible books on your computer. It won’t take a long time, and the converted files will be stored on your device automatically. Then you can also click the Converted icon to browse the converted titles. Now you can transfer the converted files to other devices that you want to play audiobooks.

add audio files to converter

Final Thoughts

All in all, Audible credits will expire after 12 months. You should keep in mind the expiration date or just take the method above to consume them. Once you have purchased some new Audible audiobooks with credits, Tunelf Audio Converter will help you get the greater bonus. It is wonderful to play audiobooks you’ve already purchased offline on multiple devices, right?

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