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How to Play Apple Music on PS5 in 2 Easy Ways

By Noah Brown

Updated on December 14, 2021

I listen to music a lot when gaming, and it’s so easy to connect to the PS5 on my Spotify phone app and it goes straight through my headphones, is this possible with Apple Music in any way? I wanted to swap over but if I can’t do this it’s a deal breaker.”

Are you still looking for a way to play Apple Music on PS5 like the friend above? PlayStation 5 is a new video game console which released in November 2020. Like PS4, it can also support many media applications, like Netflix, Spotify, etc. You can also transfer your own local media files to PS5 with a USB drive. Compare to Spotify, Apple Music announced a partnership with PS5 only this year. If you are an Apple Music user, you will be glad to hear that Apple Music now supports PS5. You can play Apple Music on PS5 directly right now. This article will show you 2 ways of playing Apple Music on PS5. Follow us and let’s see how.

apple music on ps5

Part 1. Play Apple Music on PS5 with Subscription

Sony has announced that Apple Music is now available on the PlayStation 5, providing the first fully integrated Apple Music experience on a game system. PS5 users with a subscription to Apple Music can enjoy 90 million songs. Moreover, users can also enjoy the curated playlists, music videos in 4K, Apple Music Radio streaming today’s hits, classics, and country living, and personalized playlists based on your music preferences. Similar to Spotify, you can listen to Apple Music by logging in to your Apple account. You can stream and download Apple Music on your PS5 with the subscription. Here’s how to.

1. Select All Apps from your media home. 

2. Select Apple Music > Download

3. Launch the Apple Music App. 

4. Select Sign up or Log in and enter your details. 

5. Choose the songs you like and play them.

Part 2. Play Apple Music on PS5 Offline with Tunelf

Using the Apple Music application to play Apple Music is the most convenient method. However, when the network is stuck or there is no network, it is a bit difficult to play Apple Music online. And only subscribers can play Apple Music offline. If you are a free user, you have no way to play Apple Music normally if there is a problem with the network. At this time, you should try to use Tunelf Audio Converter.

Tunelf Audio Converter is a third-party tool to download and convert Apple Music to common formats like MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, and other popular audio formats. It can download the Apple Music at 30x faster speed without quality running. The ID3 tags will be fully preserved and you can rewrite the information of each song by the built-in editing function.

Key Features of Tunelf Audio Converter

  • Remove DRM protection from Apple Music, iTunes audios, and Audible
  • Convert Apple Music to MP3, AAC, and more for playing on any media player
  • Personalize the output audio parameters like the output format and bit rate
  • Converse the converted audio with the lossless audio quality and ID3 tags

Tutorial: How to Convert Apple Music for PS5

To be compatible with Apple Music, you need to convert Apple Music to MP3 first, then you can add the trans to PS5. We will show you a detailed guide about how to convert Apple Music to MP3 as below.

Step 1 Install Tunelf Audio Converter on Computer

Go to the official website by clicking the link above, choose to download the Mac or Windows trial version of Tunelf based on your device system. After the installation, double-tap the icon to launch Tunelf. Then, tap the Menu bar > Register, enter your licensed email and code to activate the full version.

audio converter interface

Step 2 Load Your Apple Music to Tunelf

Click the Add files button to add the downloaded Apple Music files from your computer. Or click the Load in library icon to access your Apple Music library. You can also simply drag and drop the Apple Music to Tunelf directly.

add audio files to converter

Step 3 Adjust Output Parameters for Apple Music

After the Apple Music is loaded to the conversion list. By selecting the Edit icon, you may rename the song’s information such as title, collection, specialists, and so on. Then, under the Format panel, make any required changes to personalize the output quality. You may change the parameters such as codec, channel, and bit rate. Finally, on the right side, touch OK to save the adjustments.

select output format

Step 4 Start to Download the Songs

Finally, when you import the Apple Music songs and save all settings, click the Convert button on the right side. Tunelf will start to convert the songs to MP3 or other formats you set before in a few minutes. The audios will be saved to the default folder on your PC once they have been downloaded, and you can check the converted Apple Music songs by clicking the Converted icon.

convert Apple Music

Step 5 Stream Apple Music to PlayStation 5

Plug your USB drive into your computer. Then, open the folder of your USB drive, here you need to create a new folder. Next, copy all the converted Apple Music and paste them to the folder you have to create before. Then, plug your USB drive into PS5. Open the Music application on the home page and choose a USB drive to see all the converted Apple Music.


We have shown you 2 ways to play Apple Music on PS5. Now you may know how to play Apple Music on PS5 in different situations. Sometimes a small third-party tool like Tunelf Audio Converter can help you solve many troubles. Now you can enjoy your music anytime. Welcome to leave your comments below and we would like to answer your questions.

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