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7 Best Spotify to MP3 Converter for Windows/Mac [2024 Updated]

By Liam Garcia

Updated on December 21, 2023

The sheer variety of audio files can be astounding, and most of us are familiar with MP3. What is MP3? MP3 shorts for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3. It is the most popular audio format in the world for music files. Almost all digital devices in the world with audio playback can read and play MP3 files. You can listen to MP3 files on any device, including computers, smartphones, speakers, wearables, smart TV, or whatever else.

Spotify — a dominant force in streaming music distribution — attracts more and more music lovers. With Spotify, you can access millions of songs and podcasts for free. It’s easy to listen to songs and podcasts you love from Spotify. Maybe some users prefer to download Spotify songs for offline enjoyment. How to download Spotify music to MP3 for listening without limits? Using a Spotify to MP3 converter is the best solution to download and convert Spotify to MP3.

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Want to find a good Spotify to MP3 converter? There are a number of Spotify to MP3 converters on the market. You won’t know what is great and what is a piece of junk. If you’re inclined to download and convert Spotify songs to MP3 with a professional Spotify to MP3 converter, you can consider using a commercial program like Tunelf Spotibeat Music Converter.

Comparison Table of Top 7 Spotify to MP3 Converters for Windows/Mac

 Supported systemSupported input formatsSupported output formatsConversion speedOutput organizedAudio quality
Tunelf Spotify Music ConverterWindows & MacSpotify contentsMP3, AAC, M4A, WAV, M4B, FLAC5× or 1×None, artist/album or artists100% lossless quality
AudBite Spotify Music ConverterWindows & MacSpotify audiosMP3, AAC, M4A, FLAC, WAVNone, artist/album or artistsLossless quality
TunesKit Audio CaptureWindows & MacAny audio from the internet resourceMP3, AAC, M4A, WAV, M4B, FLACAlbum or artistHigh quality
Leawo Music RecorderWindows & MacAny audio from the internet resourceMP3 and WAVNoneHigh quality
Soundloaders Spotify DownloaderWindows & MacSpotify, Deezer, Apple Music, and moreMP3NoneHigh quality
Apowersoft  Online Audio RecorderWindows & MacAny audio from the internet resourceMP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4A, OGGNoneLow quality
AllToMP3Windows, Mac, LinuxSpotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, and DeezerMP3NoneLow quality

No.1 Tunelf Spotibeat Music Converter

Tunelf Spotibeat Music Converter is a professional-grade music converter for Spotify that can enable you to download and convert a variety of Spotify content, including tracks, albums, artists, playlists, audiobooks, and podcasts, to MP3 or other popular audio formats like WAV and FLAC. With Tunelf software, you can easily download Spotify 320 kbps quality no matter whether you are using a Premium account or not.

spotify music converter interface


1. Download and convert Spotify to MP3 at 5× faster speed;

2. Save Spotify music with lossless audio quality and ID3 tags;

3. Customize the output audio format and parameters like bit rate;

4. Export Spotify music to MP3, FLAC, M4A, M4B, WAV, and AAC.

Price: There is a free trial version of Tunelf Spotify Music Converter for you to use. You can unlock the limit in the trial version by choosing a plan, including $14.95 per month, $29.95 per three months, or $79.95 for a lifetime.

Verdict: ☆☆☆☆☆

Tunelf Spotify Music Converter is suitable for all Spotify users regardless of whether you are a newbie or a tech geek. Designed with an intuitive interface, Tunelf Spotify Music Converter can help you download music from Spotify by dragging and dropping.

No.2 AudBite Spotify Music Converter

As a Spotify downloader, AudBite Spotify Music Converter is developed to help users in downloading music from Spotify. Also, AudBite Spotify Music Converter can function as a Spotify converter. It can convert Spotify music to MP3, AAC, FLAC, and other common audio formats. By using AudBite software, you can download your liked songs from Spotify to your computer easily.


1. Download music from Spotify without a Premium account;

2. Convert Spotify music to MP3, AAC, FLAC, and more formats;

3. Designed with an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface;

4. Support batch conversion of Spotify music with fast speed.

Price: AudBite Spotify Music Converter doesn’t offer free of charge. You need to purchase a license for unlocking the full features.

Verdict: ☆☆☆☆

If you want to download music from Spotify instead of recording Spotify music, you can choose AudBite Spotify Music Converter. By adopting advanced decryption technology, AudBite Spotify Music Converter can download music from Spotify locally.

No.3 TunesKit Audio Capture

TunesKit Audio Capture is an easy-to-use audio grabber that can record audio on a computer. First, it can serve as an audio recorder to record music from various streaming services. Second, it can play the role of an audio editor to trim and merge all recordings into one file. It can assist Spotify users to easily record Spotify music to MP3 from Spotify Web Player or Spotify desktop app.

tuneskit audio capture


1. Serve as an audio recorder and editor;

2. Support recording audio from various resources;

3. Six common audio formats for picking out;

4. Record Spotify music from Spotify Web Player.

Price: The free version is available for Windows and Mac. It costs $14.95 per month, $29.95 per year, and $39.95 for a lifetime.

Verdict: ☆☆☆☆

TunesKit Audio Capture is a smart recording tool that is compatible with Windows and Mac. When you are looking to record music from Spotify and other streaming music platforms, TunesKit Audio Capture is a great option for you.

No.4 Leawo Music Recorder

Leawo Music Recorder is audio recording software that can assist music enthusiasts in recording any audio on the computer. You are able to record various online music sources from Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, Apple Music, and more using this software. With Leawo software, you can also record local computer audio files and save the recorded audio files to MP3 and WAV.

leawo music recorder


1. Support customizing the recording file parameters;

2. Record audio from online audio sources like Spotify;

3. Save the recorded audio files into MP3 and WAV;

4. Record Spotify music in real-time and without ads.

Price: Leawo Music Recorder is not free for use. There are two plans of Leawo Music Recorder you can choose from. The yearly license is $19.99 and the lifetime license is $29.99.

Verdict: ☆☆☆☆

Leawo Music Recorder works well with various streaming music platforms. You can use Leawo Music Recorder to record music from Spotify and more. In addition, it can save Spotify music into DRM-free audio files, then you can keep them forever.

No.5 Soundloaders Spotify Downloader

Soundloaders is an online music downloading platform that supports downloading MP3 from Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube Music, and more. On Soundloaders, you can find a free Spotify to MP3 converter online. It is compatible with both desktop and mobile browsers. So, you can use it to download music from Spotify Web Player or Spotify for mobile and desktop.


1. Download and convert Spotify music to MP3 in batch;

2. Save Spotify music on your computer and mobile phone;

3. Export Spotify music and playlist with the music link.

Price: Free of charge.

Verdict: ☆☆☆☆

Soundloaders Spotify Downloader is a great online Spotify to MP3 converter. Thanks to the compatibility, Soundloaders can be used on both mobile phones and computers. It can help you save Spotify music on any device without any hassle.

No.6 Apowersoft  Online Audio Recorder

If you want to extract MP3 from Spotify without installing any additional program, then you can use Apowersoft Online Audio Recorder. It is an online audio recorder, aiming to help users to record audio from the computer. You can simply play music from Spotify and use this online audio recording tool to record Spotify music. But before that, you have to install the Download Installer on your computer.


1. Record audio from different music streaming platforms;

2. Offers several formats like MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4A, OGG;

3. Not required to download and install any additional software.

Price: Free to use.

Verdict: ☆☆☆

Apowersoft Online Audio Recorder is a free Spotify to MP3 converter. If you want to get out of paying, you can use this tool. You don’t need to install the Spotify app as it can record music from Spotify Web Player. But it only exports the audio quality of 128 kbps.

No.7 AllToMP3

AllToMP3 could be treated as a Spotify link downloader free. It is compatible with three leading operating systems containing Windows, Mac, and Linux. It offers an option to download music from Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Deezer into MP3 by using the music link. You can use AllToMP3 to download Spotify URI to MP3. But it keeps songs with low audio quality.

alltomp3 spotify converter online


1. Rip music from Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Deezer;

2. Offer free music recording and conversion service;

3. Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Price: Completely free.

Verdict: ☆☆☆

AllToMP3 can help you quickly save Spotify music by inputting the music link. Except to record Spotify music, it can save music from other popular streaming music services. But it preserves Spotify music with low audio quality.

FAQs about Downloading and Converting Spotify to MP3

Question 1. How do I convert Spotify to MP3 for free?

A: To convert Spotify to MP3 for free, you can consider using a free Spotify to MP3 converter like Soundloaders Spotify Downloader or AllToMP3.

Question 2. Is it legal to convert Spotify to MP3?

A: Downloading and converting Spotify to MP3 is illegal. But in some nations or districts, you can download music from online streaming services like Spotify for personal use.

Question 3. Can you convert Spotify songs to MP3?

A: The answer is no. Spotify allows those Premium users to download Spotify music for offline listening. But those Spotify songs cannot be used.

Question 4. Which is the best Spotify to MP3 converter?

A: Here Tunelf Spotify Music Converter could be the best Spotify MP3 converter as it has excellent conversion speed, lossless audio output quality, and an intuitive interface.


The above are the top 7 Spotify to MP3 converters. Among them, Apowersoft Online Audio Recorder, AllToMP3, and Soundloaders Spotify Downloader can offer free services to you. But the output audio quality cannot be guaranteed. If you want to download Spotify playlists to MP3 or get Spotify 320kbps download, Tunelf software could be a good option. Apart from MP3, it supports other popular audio formats like AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4A, and M4B. Just download it to have a try!

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